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Our ceramic picture plaques are the same as those sold by monument makers and cemeteries, but we offer them at a much lower price. When you order from us you get:

- A lifetime guarantee against fading and discoloration

- Adhesive to easily install the picture yourself

- Free shipping in the USA (see international rates)

- A guarantee that we will beat anyone's price by 10%* (just let us know)

  Pictures for Headstones  

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Our oval headstone pictures without frames are very commonly seen on headstones. Even though they do not have a metal frame, they are extremely durable and will not fade or discolor in the sun.

Oval Picture for Headstone without Frame

Our oval headstone pictures with bronze frames add an ornate touch to the headstone. The metal frame also provides some extra protection on the sides of the porcelain picture.  

Oval Picture for Headstone with Frame
Oval Picture for Headstone with Cover
Picture for Headstone with Cover

Our oval headstone pictures with bronze covers are popular if you would like to add a bit of privacy to the picture. The cover also provides some additional protection if needed.


Our rectangular pictures for headstones are a great option if you would like to see the entire picture including the corners. Some families also simply like the look of the rectangle shape as opposed to the oval shape.  

Ceramic Headstone Picture

Our heart pictures for headstones are a great option for couples, but can definitely be used for individuals as well. These pictures add a unique touch to any headstone.

Heart Picture for Headstone


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Oval Picture for Headstone with Frame
Picture for Headstone with Frame
Round Picture for Headstone
Round Picture for Headstone with Frame
Square Picture for Headstone
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Ceramic Photo Plaques that Last

Headstones from centuries ago, and even many modern headstones, often contain just names, dates, and sometimes a little phrase or poem. It’s hard to imagine much about the individuals beyond the numbers and letters. But when you see headstones with ceramic picture memorials containing a portrait of the person or couple, you can look into their eyes and imagine how they lived, what they valued, and the legacy that they left. Through them, generations can connect with their ancestors.

MemorialPics LLC is dedicated to providing quality ceramic picture memorials (also known as porcelain portraits, plaques, and photos as well as many other names) at the absolute lowest prices.

Our MemorialPics™ are quality headstone pictures that stand the test of time!

Ceramic Headstone Picture Plaques

These works of art have been around for over a century and have proven that they stand the test of time while adding a special character to headstones. For this reason, we believe they should be affordable to anyone who wishes to honor their loved ones or ancestors.


Our ceramic memorial photos are made through modern digital printing with special ceramic toners and by firing the decals onto porcelain at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. They are guaranteed against fading and made to endure all conditions, whether mounted on a headstone, urn, mausoleum or other surface, and can be installed following our simple instructions. Order yours today!!!

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PhotosForHeadstones.com is a part of MemorialPics LLC, a family owned company established in the heart of Texas that ships products all over the world. At MemorialPics we began by specializing in manufacturing high-quality porcelain pictures that will not fade or discolor in direct sunlight or extreme weather conditions.


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